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The Garrett Chapel

Our Garrett Chapel is a great place to have a small worship services, weddings, and prayer time.  It is named in honor of a long time church members, Roland and Nina Garrett.  See the resolution below.



  A  Resolution of


Elizabeth City, North Carolina



We are ever aware of the blessings our Lord does daily bestow on the body which is this Church and do pray for His continued watchfulness over us, and
WHEREAS We seek to acknowledge His gift to His people in the persons of Nina and Roland Garrett, whose influence and Christian example will continue to radiate His spirit and love long after those who tender this document have departed; and
WHEREAS It is our desire and intent to see that a lasting memorial be made to the glory of God and in honor of these Christian friends; let all people then take notice that we do order it to be
RESOLVED, That the proposed Chapel of the First Baptist Church be named Garrett Chapel and that a suitable plaque be presented to Roland Garrett with engraving to read


in honor of


That at the time of dedication of Garrett Chapel this plaque be mounted in a conspicuous location therein at the direction of the Deacons; and be further
RESOLVED, That this resolution be presented to Roland Garret and that a copy be spread on the permanent records of The First Baptist Church with other copies being distributed as the may deem appropriate.
Adopted by the Church in Conference this Sixteenth Day of January in the year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Seven.

Selby Scott, Chairman

Board of Deacons